Veth Automotive


Veth Automotive is an international player when it comes to total solutions for conversions and adaptions of commercial vehicles with a total vehicle weight of 3.5 tons.

Veth Automotive knows a long history. Ever since the year 1840 the keywords of our company policy are:  innovation, quality and long term customer relationships.

Our knowledge and experience make it possible to fill in nearly every customer wish. Our products are leading and guarantee ease of use for many years.

Customers of Veth Automotive are car manufacturers, car importers, car dealers, local and national government and fleet owners.


Veth Automotive offers all kinds of conversions for your commercial vehicle; from rather simple to complicated tailor made solutions. We fulfil all the needs of our customers.

We’ve tried to give you an impression of the many different possibilities on our websites. For all your questions please contact our sales department. We’re looking forward to hear from you and we’ll be pleased to search and offer you a solution for your transport problems

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